tuileriesEric C. Miller is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and a member of the Honors Faculty at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where he advises the student chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. A contributor at Religion Dispatches and Religion & Politics, his research concerns Christian rhetoric, public advocacy, and democratic deliberation.

Despite boasting a rich, 2500 year history, rhetoric is dogged by negative associations and misunderstanding. When it is invoked at all, it usually appears alongside qualifiers such as “only” or “empty.” It is commonly used as a synonym for insincere or deceptive speech. Even in many academic contexts, rhetoric is understood as little more than a counterpart to philosophy. But for rhetorical scholars, rhetoric is much more involved – and much more important – than these perceptions allow. They understand rhetoric as the theory and practice of symbolic expression. In that sense, it infuses and constitutes everything that humans think, say, and claim to know. It supplies the building blocks of all other knowledge, and that makes it applicable to every subject.

The site is mostly concerned with new books at or near the intersection between Christianity and politics in the United States. It aggregates interviews, reviews, and essays published here and elsewhere. Feel free to contact via email at emiller@bloomu.edu, or on Twitter @ecm100.

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